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Water Softeners

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Hard water is a term that refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water that comes into your house. Hard water does not lather soap effectively, can dry out skin and hair, causes soap scum problems in showers and tubs, and leaves spots on dishes and faucets. It also causes scaling in dishwashers, washing machines and hot water heaters that can lead to higher operating costs and may shorten the life of the appliance. Water softeners are processes designed to remove these minerals from your water.

Since hard water can come from both well water and city water systems, The Water Boys of Macclenny, FL recommend the installation and use of water softeners to treat hard water problems. Some of the more common hard water softeners include:

• Reverse Osmosis – Water passes through a filter that removes large and heavy particles, and then passes through a membrane that only allows oxygen and hydrogen to pass. This effectively removes 99.5% of all contaminants, including chlorine, metals, lead, arsenic, bad taste and foul odors. Water filtered through a reverse osmosis filter is often more pure than bottled water. Short of finding that mountain stream yourself, this is the purest water you can get.

• Ion-exchanging Resin Devices – The water passes through a bed of negatively charged ions, which the positively charged metal ions bond to so they can be removed from the water. Over time the active ingredient in these resin devices deplete and need to regenerate.

We can attach water softeners to a kitchen sink or we can install a whole house water softener that will treat water that also goes to your laundry, dishwasher and shower. Give The Water Boys a call and let us find an efficient water softener for your hard water problems.

Reverse Osmosis Units
This is a process that is often described as filtration but is far more complex than that. As the water enters the unit it passes through a set of pre-filters that remove heavy or large particles before going through the membrane where only hydrogen and oxygen are allowed to pass this process removes contaminants such as radium, fluoride ,chlorine, metals, arsenic, lead, nitrate, giardia, cysts, chromium, cryptosporidium, tastes and odors.

Typically this unit is mounted under the kitchen sink and provides about 50 gal. per day and should be used for your cooking and drinking water. There are much larger systems available to treat the whole house.

Reverse osmosis units produce ultra pure water far cheaper than bottled water and cleaner that most bottled water on the market. The iron level in the water to be treated must be below .3 ppm this means that if your water coming to the home is more that that a softener or iron filter must be installed if not the iron will foul the membrane very quickly.

Water Softeners
We recommend the Aqua Systems SmartChoice Gen II water softening system for water softening and iron removal. Move beyond the trend of disposable water softeners and purchase the Gen II unit and it will be the last unit you will have to purchase. The exchangeable component program ensures precise results and low costs. These units are designed for high flow, metered and are designed for peak performance.