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Sulfur Filters

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If your Macclenny, FL well water system is delivering water with the rotten egg odor of hydrogen sulfide, you should consider using sulfur filters in a water treatment system from The Water Boys. While hydrogen sulfide is not a health hazard, that terrible odor can do more leave a bad taste in your mouth; it isn’t good for your pipes.

While there are several sulfur removal systems on the market, some don’t work as well as others do. The most common ones include:

• Backwashing Carbon Sulfur Filters – An automatic filter that can provide good taste and odor removal, but is only useful for mild sulfur aroma situations. You must replace the filter every two to three years at a cost in excess of $100 each. If you have high sulfur levels, the cost of replacing the sulfur filters will become prohibitive and you should consider another type of filtering system.

• Manganese Greensand Filters – Works on the same principle as a water softener in that it requires a regenerate to re-oxidize the greensand using an automatic control. This system requires two pumps, which normally means that you have to pay for the installation costs of another pump.

• The Eradicator – Recommended by The Water Boys, The Eradicator is a closed system that uses an air induction filter to trap the sulfur gas and backwash it.

Hydrogen sulfide is a by-product of organic life that may be in your well water and can migrate into your water system and pipes. If that terrible odor is permeating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, you should call a water purification company like The Water Boys to test your water for sulfur content and recommend appropriate sulfur filters for your particular situation.