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About Us

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The Water Boys proudly provide solutions to hard water, iron water, and sulfur water to residents of the Macclenny, FL area who want clean and soft water for their families. While these water issues are not health hazards, they can be hard on your pipes and appliances, stain your clothing and dishes, or deliver foul smelling water to your tap. Some of the solutions we offer to these problems include water softeners, sulfur units, iron filters, and reverse osmosis systems.

The type of system you will need depends on the type of water issue you are having. Water softeners work on hard water and some iron problems, while iron filters work for iron-rich water, sulfur units filter foul-smelling sulfur from the water and reverse osmosis systems can treat all of these conditions. Call us for a water test that will determine the best type of water purification system for your needs.

We don’t just do water softeners and water purification systems. We also do water pump repair and water system installation jobs. Whatever your need for water expertise, you can find it by calling The Water Boys.